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Innovative Athlete
Measuring Devices

Engineered for Consistency, Efficiency, and Accuracy
Youth Sporting Combine with Wingspan Measurement

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Villanova University Men's Basketball

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Portable Stadiometer with Wingspan Attachment

The Portable Stadiometer That Does More

The gold standard anthropometric measuring device for clinical research and fitness testing

Measure anyone, anywhere, regardless of size

Rapidly assess arm span from 30 to 108 inches (76 to 274 cm)

Built-in stadiometer (height rod) measures up to 8 feet tall


Test large groups quickly and accurately


Designed for both indoor or outdoor use, including harsh weather conditions


Horizontal and vertical scales feature 1/8th inch graduations


Assembles quickly without tools

Measurement arms fold down or can be removed for storage


Patent pending


Name: Athlete Stadiometer

Model: AS2

UPC: 700538518571

Leonard Wingspan Tester with Heigh Rod
Combine Tester by Leonard Mfg
Leonard Mfg Mobile App

Mobile App Integration

Reduce testing times

Convert imperial to metric

Ongoing enhancements

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Can It Measure THESE Athletes?​

Victor Wembanyama  YES

8'0" Wingspan

7'4" Height


Stephen Curry  YES

6'4" Wingspan

6'2" Height


Caitlin Clark  YES

6'4" Wingspan

6'0" Height

Lebron James  YES

7'0" Wingspan

6'9" Height

Angel Reese  YES

7'0" Wingspan

6'3" Height


Cooper Flagg  YES

7'6" Wingspan

6'8" Height

Manute Bol  YES

8'6" Wingspan

7'6" Height

King Kong  NO

40'0" Wingspan

38'9" Height

Michael Phelps  YES

6'7" Wingspan

6'4" Height


Patrick Mahomes  YES

78.5" Wingspan

6'2" Height


Khabib Nurmagomedov  YES

70" Reach

5'10" Height


Jon Jones  YES

84" Reach

6'4" Height


Conor McGregor  YES

74" Reach

5'9" Height


Mike Tyson  YES

71" Reach

5'10" Height


Tyson Fury  YES

85" Reach

6'9" Height

Vertec-Mounted Wingspan Tester

Convert the Vertec Jump Tester Into a Wingspan Tester!

Portable fingertip-to-fingertip assessment for 100% of the world's population from a single device

The ultimate sporting combine tester; save time and money


Measuring component affixes directly to the Vertec


No tools needed for assembly

Simple vertical adjustment

Supports metric and imperial systems of measure via mobile app


Patent pending


Name: Mounted Wingspan Tester

Model: MW2

UPC: 700538518588




Mounted Wingspan Tester Before Photo
Mounted Wingspan Tester Affixed to Vertec Jump Tester
Down Arrow
Vertec-Mounted Wingspan Tester
Mounted Wingspan Tester
Leonard MFG icon white

Creator of the world's first portable athlete arm span and height measuring combo!

Leonard MFG is an engineering brand dedicated to the development of innovative athlete measuring devices.


Our manufacturing process is concentrated around three areas of interest: consistency, efficiency, and accuracy.


Each machine is designed to eliminate the need for multiple testing devices.


Leonard MFG also specializes in repurposing and retrofitting common equipment to improve athlete testing efficiency.


The brand prioritizes design and function at a reasonable cost.


You will find our products at the highest levels of sports, medicine, and fitness.

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Sports Camps

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Talent Management

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